office 3.11 is an organization specializing in reducing the 1.3 billion ton a year world-wide food loss, has appeared as an independent agent over 180 times on NHK, the Japanese public broadcasting station, in national newspapers, as well as other media outlets

Company name office 3.11, Inc.
Date Established March 1, 2012
Address 2-17-1-1111 Saiwaicho, Kawaguchi City, Saitama 332-0016, Japan
Telephone Number 090-6106-7773 (+81-90-6106-7773)
Content PR and communications practice and strategic consulting
Areas of specialty: Food-related, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
President Rumi Ide, PhD
Areas of specialty Corporate PR / single-person PR / PR with other duties / newsletters / social media / women's career /
international cooperation / CSR / social contributions / foreign companies / nutrition / food & beauty / food education /
Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU)
Food producer for hotels and inns. (For events like wedding parties, trips, and banquets, too much food is often produced and wasted.
By eliminating this waste, businesses can reduce costs.
Customers can enjoy the proper amount of food without forcing themselves to overeat.
This helps solve the problem of food waste in Japanese society, which stands out among the nations of the world.)
Mission Our purpose is
- To promote better understanding on food loss
- To reduce food loss
- To solve food loss
Vision Less Food Loss, Better Future
Capital ¥1,000,000
古物商取引認可番号 埼玉県公安委員会許可 第431030031874号
食品衛生責任者認可番号 ・埼玉県知事資格認定 食品衛生責任者 第0101186号
・東京都知事資格認定 食品衛生責任者 第2416864号
古物商取引認可番号/埼玉県公安委員会許可 第431030031874号
/埼玉県知事資格認定 食品衛生責任者 第0101186号
/東京都知事資格認定 食品衛生責任者 第2416864号